Monday, April 19, 2010

No Longer A Foster Dog

Well, Sparky is no longer my foster dog. Yes, that's right, I failed fostering 101 again and adopted him.

It would be so easy to keep every dog you foster because there is no way you don't get attached to them when they're in your house day in and day out, but you want to be sure there is something special about them before you think of keeping them forever. Sparky is a great little dog. He's 5 1/2 years old so past the potty training stage, he knows the doggy door which is a plus, and he has a good personality which makes it easy for him to get along with Charlie.

Sparky is funny because when he's vocal he growls! Not in an aggressive manner at all, but if he wants you to get his toy and throw it he will growl, growl, growl! So tough! He is actually a real sweetie. He likes nothing more than to be sleeping in your lap. At night he can't get close enough when he sleeps. He would be a champion snuggler!
The photo I posted above of Sparky is from his session at Strain Photography. Charlie won the best pet category of their recent photo contest so I decided to use it on Sparky and of course the shots turned out wonderfully.

So, welcome to the family little Sparky man!

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